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Heard this statement yesterday and it really hit home!

It is so sad to say that this is the reality for many of us, the Muslims of today. We simply focus on what is obligatory, sufficing on it and leaving out the sunnah of Nabi ﷺ. 

We are among the greatest of Allah’s creation and we should feel grateful that Allah chose us out of millions to be a part of this Ummah. Why then should be feel ashamed?

This ummah and this Deen is so unique and blessed! When other people have to degrade themselves and sell their souls to show the love for their idols and leaders, we show our love to Nabi ﷺ by adopting his sunnah, his ways, his speech, his conduct…. How blessed we are! 

Furthermore, Nabi ﷺ came on this earth over 1,400 years ago, yet within only the past few decades have scientists discovered the health benefits of drinking water while sitting, sleeping on the right side, squatting to relieve oneself and even eating using the fingers! SubhanAllah!

We have to remember that he ﷺ was inspired by Allah, so whatever he did has many benefits, many of which we don’t know. He ﷺ is the most beloved of Allah, so how else can we be beloved to Allah other than to do what Nabi ﷺ did?

May Allah Azza wa Jall grant us the tawfeeq to practice upon the sunnah of His and our beloved, Nabi sallallahu ‘alayhi was-sallam. Amin!

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